Episode 7 | Conversations Series | Healing the Pain of Being Black in America w/ Ron Walker

What’s Up, Let It Go Squad! I am so excited to share the conversation in this episode with you! 

In this episode, I had the privilege of chatting with one of my writing and authorship mentors, Author Ron Walker.  Ron Walker has been writing, speaking, and ministering for over fifteen years now. He delivers a powerful message of faith, focus, and determination. He is a licensed and ordained Christian minister that holds degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology, Psychology, and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. He is currently the lead Pastor of Legacy Church International based in Atlanta, GA, and the author of over a dozen books, to include his latest title: Black in America: Healing from the Past, Progressing in the Present, and Building for the Future.

You may be wondering, why did we invite a man to be a guest on a podcast geared towards women and girls? We invited him because aside from all of his accolades and accomplishments noted above,  Ron Walker is a husband, father, #girldad,  and leader in the body of Christ who has a powerful message for our community as a whole, regardless of your race, gender, faith, or preference I guarantee that there will be something in this conversation that will resonate with you that can help us all begin the healing process of moving forward from the pain of not only the perils of 2020 but also begin mending the wounds of deep-rooted inequities and disparities inherited from the past generations of our nation.  

So what untreated pain from your past are you still holding onto? Get ready to let that go! 


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