Episode 6 | Conversations Series | Carrying a Healthy View of Self w/Tonya Price

“A lot of times our worst enemy is ourselves coupled with the pressures of the environment around us!” – Candice Maria (from Girl, Let it Go! Effectively dealing with yesterday in order to walk in victory today)

What’s Up #LetitGoSquad! Welcome to the Conversations Series of the Girl, Let it Go Podcast! In this episode, I am joined by my good friend, Tonya Price! She’s a Mom, Educator, Positivity Pusher, Founder of Culture Carrier Brand, and the Host of the Empowered to Inspire Podcast! We’ve teamed up to encourage and remind women, especially is this season of a “pandemic of discouragement” called 2020, to let go of an unhealthy view of self and always see themselves the way God sees them! 

2020 has been a challenging year for many people, COVID19 pandemic, racial injustice, job loss, and economic crises! Enough disappointments to make practically anyone doubt what they believe about God and even their own value and worth in this world!

So, What lies are you telling yourself about your self-worth? We discuss our personal responses to this question, and so many more! So, let go of your inner critic and learn how to carry a healthy view of self and walk in the Godfidence you were designed to walk in! 


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