Episode 5 | Young, Gifted, and Black | Living for Breonna | Candice Maria

“To be forever young, gifted, and black is where it’s at!” – Nina Simone

What’s up #LetItGoSquad! This episode is focused on helping women, in particular our sisters of color with moving forward in light of the recent outcome of Breonna Taylor’s case.

As a woman of faith and a woman of color, I personally have struggled with this and decided to cope with this tragedy by continuing to live and thrive and be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. Breonna was making moves and working to better her life when it was in an instant stolen from her. So I charge my fellow sisters, to keep growing, thriving, and building for yourself and all the Breonna Taylor’s attached to your life. We all have at least one and we are all someone else’s Breonna. Breonna was a sister, a daughter, a friend and so much more! 

We must continue to live on for our sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends spurring one another on in love, and encouraging one another to never settle and to become the best version of ourselves that God designed us to be! “Young, Gifted, and Black! And that’s a Fact!” – Nina Simone

Link to  Grieving Breonna: Racial Trauma and Black Women’s Mental Health with Dr. Anita Phillips 


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