Episode 4: Racial Restoration Part 3 | Education facilitates Empathy | Candice Maria

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In this episode I will be wrapping up with Part 3 of my 3 part series on Racial Restoration with our topic Education Facilitates Empathy!

The month of July continued to bring up many noteworthy concepts and figures who’s empathy for oppressed people left a profound impact on our nation:

People like Congressman John Lewis: who’s leadership and bravery during the Civil Rights era and his continuous pursuit of equality during his decades in Congress all the way up to his dying day, caused us to believe in and Stand for that “Good trouble” as he called it.

Amidst a summer season of heightened racial injustices and protests, a well-known and well-respected holiday brought about a reminder for all people, that the fight for freedom for all is not over! The highlighting of the reciting of the Fourth of July speech given by Frederick Douglas in 1852, recited by his descendants entitled “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” put into #Perspective a reminder for all Americans that Independence day was not always so celebratory for all Americans, and in today’s current climate, it’s becoming more and more blurred and difficult to believe that All Americans truly have their Constitutional freedoms.

We have to #ListenAndLearn because Education Facilitates Empathy! Acknowledge the truth and seek out a solution, and at all times don’t be afraid to get into That “Good Trouble”


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