Episode 3: Racial Restoration Part 2 | Purpose of Lament | Candice Maria

This week’s episode deals with the purpose and process of LAMENT! 

What makes your heart cry? I’m talking about that person,  place, thing, or idea that causes you grief, causes your soul to deeply mourn.

Lament opens one’s eyes to see the transgressions, injustice, sin, etc..within and around them and gives one the humility and desire to bring it before God in complete sorrow and surrender.

Lament pulls at that root, to propel us to confess our transgressions and fall on God’s mercy, so that His character can take root in our lives,  producing the fruit of His spirit. 

“When we pull our transgressions up by its root, we can kill and eradicate its fruit. Lament helps us prepare the soil of our hearts and minds to do just that.”

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