Episode 2 | Racial Restoration Part 1 | Humility and Awareness | Candice Maria

Take some time to reflect on the experiences in your life that have had the most influential impact on you and the person you are today. Has someone of another culture ever made an assumption about you and your culture, how did it make you feel? Is there something about your culture that you love and something that you wish was different?

Before you can fight the enemy outside,  you have to first fight the enemy inside.

Heart change. Humility and awareness requires a heart change. Sometimes becoming aware shines a light on shameful secrets that many of us never want to be reminded of or much less discover about ourselves or the history of our families. Awareness can bring about feelings of guilt and shame.   Shame in and of itself can be its own form of slavery, but what’s worst than that is being complicit and not acknowledging the truth. As we find in  John 8:32 “You will know the truth,  and the truth will set you free.”

In the wake of the unrest in our world right now, with racial injustice, killings of innocent black people, police brutality, and the like. Having a posture of awareness and humility will help you let go of pride, biased presumptions about people, and prejudices, and become like a student with a desire to learn how to implement racial restoration and equity into your life all while you unlearn and let go of racial biases.

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